AboutWhat Make it Write does

Make it Write evolved from a real need expressed by a variety of functions in the corporate sector ranging from Corporate Communications to key Employee and Customer facing functions for high-quality content. The content requirement is varied and requires a fair amount of customization on the basis of the audience it is targeting and the platform it is being created for. Make it Write has deep experience in understanding these diverse requirements and bringing them to life with elan and expertise.

Whether it is for white papers or websites or workshops, we deliver audience-friendly content that is incisive and projects the message impactfully. We put in a lot of quality time and effort in understanding the requirement before actually implementing it. Our approach is to work together with the client personnel so that the content developed is in sync with the desired tone and value proposition, for the platform it is created.

We work in a structured manner towards achieving outcomes that are memorable and on point. We have been recognized for our output and turn around times, which have consistently met clients' high standards. Most importantly, we have been recognized for adhering to the highest levels of editorial integrity.